• Procurement of craftsmen/architects for any necessary repairs or renovations (all from experienced and approved firms in the region)
  • With properties which are let, we take over invoicing of the necessary additional costs for such utilities as electricity, heating etc. to the tenant, or alternatively support you in doing this.
  • Co-ordination of the workmen, safekeeping of keys, as well as opening and locking your appartment.
  • With holiday appartments, we take responsibility for airing the appartment, checking the heating, and the purchase of any necessities, so that everything is ready when you come here on holiday
  • Arrange for any small repairs we consider necessary.
  • We check the creditworthiness of tenants
  • Co-ordination of cleaners
  • Conclusion of new rental contracts
  • All work and tasks which you do not wish to, or cannot, carry out due to absence
  • Clarification of legal questions with specialised lawyers
  • We take over the property inspection with the tenant, and arrange for new tenancy
  • A newly-built property – a converted property – walls to be removed – a roof to be raised? Am I allowed to do that? Is that possible statically? Do I need to obtain authorisation? We will support you in such cases, and appointments at the sight of the property are possible at any time! In addition we will be happy to do any correspondence or copying etc. which you need.
    We will of course provide you with such services even if you have not bought or rented anything from us. The settlement of accounts takes place according to the actual work done per hour.
  • For further information, or if you wish us to contact you, PLEASE CLICK HERE
    As there is a great demand for personal services after a property has been sold or let, we can now offer to take over these tasks for you in general, or in individual cases.