Passberger Estate Agents (Passberger Immobilien – formerly VK-Immobilien) was founded by Mrs Katharina Passberger in Wolnzach in1990. In no time at all the firm established itself as a company where the customer can expect reliability and speed, and can be sure of finding a courteous and friendly expert.

Mrs Passberger has a very good business relationship with Aulfes-Steinmüller Estate Agents in Tegernsee. This firm was founded by Mrs Aulfes-Steinmüller, Mrs Passberger’s sister, in 1985.

Between 1984 and 1988 Katharina Passberger worked as an Estate Agent in Brantford, South Ontario, Canada. She received several awards here as “Best Estate Agent of the Month”. This experience enables Passberger Estate Agents to welcome all English-speaking customers, who are sure to feel that they are in good hands here.

Katharina Passberger moved from Lake Tegernsee to the Holledau region, where she now feels at home. What Katharina Passberger really loves about the Holledau region is that, not yet having been fully discovered as a tourist area, it offers plenty of space for children, nature and animals. And what better way to take advantage of this than in one of the region’s pretty country inns?

Perhaps this delightful part of Old Bavaria with its open, friendly people will soon be home to you. Come and find out for yourself!

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